Toddler Program

7:00 AM Arrival; Free Indoor Play
8:00 AM Morning Snack
8:45 AM Tidy Up; Hand-washing Routine
9:00 AM

Playing of National Anthem “O’ Canada “
Circle Time – Calendar, Theme of the Week, Group Discussion

9:15 AM

Language Program- French Lessons (Tuesday and Thursday)
Music with the Keyboard (Thursdays)

9:30 AM Creative Arts
9:45 AM Preparation for Outdoor Play
10:00 AM Outdoor Play
11:30 AM Return Indoors/ Preparation for Lunch
11:40 AM LUNCH
12:10 AM Oral Hygiene & Hand-washing Routine
12:15 PM Quiet Rest Period
2:15 PM Wake-Up
2:30 PM Afternoon Snack
2:45 PM Hand washing routine
3:00 PM

Science, sensory activities, free play
Language Program – Spanish Lessons (Monday)

3:45 PM Preparation for Outdoor Play
4:00 PM Outdoor playtime
5:00 PM Return Indoors
5:15 PM Free Indoor Play until pick-up (Upstairs)

*Exact outdoor play times depend on whether/Season*
**Toileting and diapering is done by one teacher during these activities
**Activities are usually done in small groups. The other children are engaged in Cognitive Activities, Dramatic activities or Free Play.

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