Parental Involvement

We want you to feel as much a part of our childcare family as does your child/children. To encourage an open parent-daycare relationship, we:

  • Hold caregiver-teacher conferences (twice a year)
  • Hold parents’ meetings throughout the year as needed
  • Offer detailed intake/orientation sessions for all parents considering OHDD
  • Maintain clearly visible bulletins that feature programs, weekly menus, field trips, payment reminders, new staff announcements and other notices
  • Consult all caregivers on important upcoming decisions/events that involve their children

Additional ways in which you can become involved with the centre as well as your child’s experience with us:

  • For continuity in the home, engage the child in positive activities/behaviours learned at the centre
  • Share an activity with cultural relevance to your family/background--like a story, song, dance, or cultural food--with your child’s class (*Please contact director, obtain consent, and then make necessary prior arrangements with staff)
  • Participate in the planning of our special events like your child’s birthday celebration, or our annual Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Winter Holidays or other Canadian holiday celebrations
  • Contact our staff at any time to raise concerns and/or offer suggestions or ideas
  • VOLUNTEER to accompany staff and children on our planned field trips/community outings
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