Program Development

Our main objective is to assist children in our care as they develop a healthy self-image and respect for themselves and others as they grow to become independent, healthy individuals. We offer regular programs with age-appropriate activities and special enrichment opportunities that are challenging, safe, creative, and fun. Our programs promote the development of each child in the following areas:

Physical – through safe and challenging gross motor activities (outdoor and indoor), nutritious lunchtime meal, two snacks (one morning and one afternoon), and mandatory hygienic washroom routines (i.e. brushing teeth, washing hands, toileting); Preschool- Kindergarten program includes Tae Kwon Do; all programs include Dance & Movement

Cognitive – through the introduction of interesting, thought-provoking concepts in hands-on participatory activities (basic concepts such as counting, alphabet and phonics, colours, shapes, etc… introduced at Toddler level; independent reading, mathematics and other more advanced concepts are introduced at Preschool/Kindergarten levels)

Exploration & Experimentation – through safe and educational science experiments; by introducing elements and properties of living things; by encouraging the conscious use of the five senses to describe objects. (Preschoolers introduced to the Multimedia Learning – interactive software on computer, DVDs).

Language – through the encouragement of attempts at expressive and receptive language by lessons and positive role models. Language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are explicitly and implicitly taught in age-appropriate manners in all programs; reading during ‘Circle Time’ is an important part of all programs. All programs include age-appropriate lessons/activities in French and Spanish by teachers who are native or fluent speakers of the language.

Creative – by providing the child with daily opportunities to express him/herself confidently and individualistically through dramatic, musical, and visual arts activities. All programs have daily Arts & Crafts activities and a Dramatic Play area (for dress-up, theatre and role-play activities). Our daycare holds the study of music to be a valuable tool in the educational development of a child. Children are taught the elementary rudiments of music in a fun and memorable manner. Along with many regular singing and dancing activities (in English, Spanish, and French), Preschool-Kindergarten programs include individual piano lessons; Toddler program includes Music Appreciation

Socio-emotional – by providing social situations where the child learns through guidance from the teachers and class how to interact competently and appropriately with others while retaining a strong sense of self; by guiding children in expressing their feelings in various assertive, positive ways. Our daycare recognizes the importance of character development and emotional intelligence. We strive to maintain a loving and respectful environment where children feel comfortable expressing their feelings, thoughts, and personalities through appropriate words and actions.

Self-Help Skills – by assisting children in recognizing their own names and other age-appropriate self-identification information; by encouraging children to become self-sufficient in such things as dressing themselves, feeding themselves, washing their hands; by teaching children to put things away after using them; by helping children learn how to solve their own problems.

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