Dismissal/Withdrawal Policy

  1. Parents/caregivers of a child who becomes too old for the program s/he occupies will be reminded of her/his pending removal from that program. For those children who are awaiting the next available program, their names will be put on a priority waiting list and every effort will be made to re-admit the child as soon as possible.

  2. It is recognized that the childcare program may not meet the needs of all children. If an individual child’s behaviour becomes detrimental to her/his childcare experience, or disruptive for that of the other children, the Director will take necessary actions, which may include termination of childcare services.

  3. The Director reserves the right to immediately dismiss a family if there is a contravention of the Code of Behaviour by child/ren, parent(s)/guardian(s), emergency contacts; if any one or more policies/procedures are ignored or abused in any manner; or if payment of fees is consistently in arrears.

  4. (This and all other Policies are explained in full in Parents’ Handbook and forms)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We reserve the right to terminate our childcare services without any notice in any situation/circumstance determined by the supervisor to be dangerous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

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