Communication & Privacy

Communication is a vital part of any relationship. O’ Happy Day Daycare welcomes an open communication policy in which parents/guardians and staff can freely share concerns, thoughts, and opinions regarding the children and the daycare centre with each other. In addition to the regular reports and conversations parents and teachers share, private meetings may be arranged between parents and teachers, during which time they may discuss issues in the presence of the supervisor.

While we share an open policy with communication and contact between and among our daycare staff and parents, we also hold privacy to be a critical caution requiring attention. As stated in our Code of Behaviour, the daycare has a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding the children, parents/guardians, staff, and daycare as a whole. Please also respect the private property of each other. Do not permit your children to touch/take any items not belonging to them and to promptly return any mistakenly taken items to the daycare/ appropriate person. Remember to treat each other’s property as you would like your own to be treated.

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