Behaviour Management

In accordance with the Day Nurseries Act, no child shall be disciplined by physical means. The role of the Early Childhood Educator is to censor and discourage negative and aggressive behaviour, while recognizing the children’s rights to express themselves in positive ways. Disruptive or negative behaviour is redirected, as children are encouraged and assisted in expressing his/her feelings in a socially acceptable manner.

  • Ridicule, sarcasm, and threats are not acceptable methods of discipline
  • All children’s feelings are respected and can be expressed verbally with proper encouragement
  • When disciplining a child, emphasis is placed on the behaviour itself and is not a reflection of the individual
  • Redirection is attempted in a positive manner whenever possible
  • Discipline is age-appropriate; occurs as soon as possible after an unacceptable behaviour occurs; is consistent; and relates to the behaviour
  • The staff’s expectations of the children and the consequences of not following the agreed upon rules must be made clear to the children
  • All reasonable requests for children to follow rules and behave in an acceptable manner are expected to be reinforced by the parents/guardians

In situations where repeated verbal redirection is ineffective, teachers may enforce a short “Time Out” period during which time the child is separated from the current classroom activity and sits quietly in a designated area while the teacher explains the situation. After Time Out, the child will be asked to apologize to the affected child/ren or teacher(s) for his/her specific unacceptable behaviour. In serious situations where all attempted behaviour management is ineffective and children continue to display inappropriate behaviour, parents/guardians will be requested to attend a private meeting with the teacher and supervisor to discuss appropriate action, which may include dismissal from the daycare and termination of our services.

While it is never easy to discipline children, we believe that positive discipline such as reasonable rules, boundary setting, and teaching of mutual respect are necessary and healthy for all children. It is a challenging yet worthy task for our daycare staff and all other caregivers to work together to influence and guide our children in the best way possible.

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